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Much of New Orleans is located near the Mississippi River, but the Lakeview neighborhood is the exception to that rule. Lakeview is in the northern part of Orleans Parish and hugs the southern edge of Lake Ponchartrain. What once was a modest neighborhood populated with ranch homes has metamorphosized in recent years to become a charming neighborhood that is ideally located due to its proximity to quality schools, the New Orleans Museum of Art and City Park. Lakeview is also conveniently located near the New Orleans Fair Grounds (which hosts Jazz Fest and seasonal horse racing) and Bayou St. John. While the architecture of this bustling neighborhood has changed since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Lakeview has rebounded and maintained its allure. Lakeview has a quaint shopping district that runs along Harrison Avenue that includes coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants. On a stroll down this street, you’re likely to see strollers pushing moms, power walkers and bicyclers.

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